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Funny Story Actually – Jaxx Thanatos & Johnny Rapid

When burly beefcake Jaxx Thanatos shows up to his rental home he’s expecting things to have a lived in feel. What he’s not expecting is a series of loud thumping sounds coming from a chest in the corner of the room. Jaxx opens up the chest and finds compact, muscular cutie Johnny Rapid tied up and gagged. An alarming sight, but Johnny quickly explains that there’s actually a funny story behind it all. Once Johnny is out of his box, he’s eager to thank Jaxx, letting the muscle daddy tickle and tease him before he takes out his cock and jams it down the bound boy’s throat. Jaxx takes full advantage of the situation, fingering Johnny’s tight hole before he pounds him hard with his thick cock. Johnny can’t get enough, spreading his cheeks to take Jaxx even deeper inside until he fucks every drop of cum out of him.
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